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Murder Case: One more shot of whiskey is mystery visual novel with some investigation mechanics

August, 22h 2019

IMPORTANT: Interrogation system had a bug that made it impossible to finish the game. It'd fixed now.

August, 20h 2019

Major pass. Fixed typos, mixed Mr. and Mrs. use and some grammar mistakes.

Monday, 8PM. Detective Jeff Reilly is about to go home when his collegue and friend, Ronald Jones, calls him out. Although the week has started as alway does, without any incident after a tranquil weekend, he had the feeling he'll never get to the date he had . Nothing ever happens on the West District commissary, until it does.

A murder disguised as a fateful death has taken place and the victim is one of the most influencial man in the country. An intrigue of family secrets, shady executives and a court of suspicious not-so-loyal employees. 

Unravel the mysteries beyond the death of Charles Goldberg. 

  • Meaningful choices. 
  • Point and click clues gathering.
  • Interrogation system.
  • Puzzles.

  • Language: English.
  • Lengh: About 30-45 minutes.
  • System: Windows, Mac and Linux available.
  • Still in alpha state may contain some language errors.
  • Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music and https://audionautix.com
  • Beta-testers and proof-readers: Xiphear, McMuumio and Wololoik from renpy's discord channel. FerventWriter from Renpy's forums and Dawn Samuel-Davidson from twitter.


If you enjoy the game, please comment and share!


MurderCaseDEMO-1.0-pc.zip 83 MB
MurderCaseDEMO-1.0-mac.zip 65 MB


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There's something fishy in the Goldberg household. Can't wait to see where it goes. Keep up the good work! 


Really promising demo. I loved the story and art style.


Can't wait to play this!

Haven't play this game yet but it seems awesome! Is this like...Ace Attorney?


Hi! Ace attorney was definitely one of my biggest influences for this game ^^ 

:O! That's pretty cool I suppose.

Good game

I loved it! The characters are great, the investigation and interrogation mechanics are a nice twist and the story is intriguing...can’t wait for more episodes 

Amazing game, I love characters, the story and eat burgers solving crimes. A bloody yummy experience ;)